I’ve noticed that around 10 or 11 PM, I go to sleep. Like the second I start to feel tired, I’m just like “screw this” and off to bed I go. And then I wake up at 4:00 AM or so. Been like this since the return from The Montana Excursion. Definitely works for me. Upon waking, coffee. And with coffee, writing. And that is how it usually goes, too.nnBut, what I’ve been *doing* for the past 20 mins or so, and most of last night, was photo/file organization. I went ahead and went through the HUGE album on that is just labeled “photos”, which is just where everything goes regardless of whether or not a photo or photos are assigned to a specific gallery or not, and I Right Clicked > Saved each photo I wanted, named it accordingly (according to the Gallery it was going into – so, “random-1”, “nature-1”, “techie-1”, etc.), and when I was done with that, I mass-imported the photos from a particular category into their respective Gallery. Simple. Could be simpler. I could have a drop-down menu within the “Photos” section for each photo, and just “Move to X Gallery” option, and that would save me from having to manually go through each one and Right Click > Save it, but, it is what it is, for now. Overall, is very good/useful.nnAnd last night, I backed up and organized all the photos I had from (well, the “better” photos) onto the external SSD. I went ahead and downloaded the PDF versions of the writing I had from ** (which I had already uploaded to earlier), and put those PDF docs onto the SSD, as well. So, everything that NEEDS to be backed up IS backed up. I also downloaded the entirety of the ** blog as one, big JSON file. nnSo that does it for that :)nnSoon breakfast. I already had some iced coffee, so I am plenty awake as of now.nnback soon

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