…and not a single car on the road. I exaggerate a little bit – there were two cars on the road. One on the way there, and one on the way back. But, it is (or was) 6:00 AM on a Saturday, so I was not surprised. Schnucks was equally un-busy, where I bought a Mt Dew Kickstart Black Cherry (not an energy drink, but energy drink-like), and a 6-pack of Diet Pepsi. nnI will go out on the balcony a bit today, as it is 50 degrees, but getting to about 70, and my weather app on my Mac is so disjaunted and jaded and cynical, that it reads “cloudy”, because it just *expects* that, but there is not a cloud in the sky. Nor will there be most of the day, I don’t think. I’ll eat my hat if I am wrong, haha.nnSchnucks and the roads will be busy today, but I won’t be out there to see it, I don’t think. No plans today, really. But all is good.nnI remember when COVID first started, and the immediate reaction in The States was near total lockdown, at least with a lot of local governments, including St Louis. Then radicalized rednecks started to complain, and eventually the cities, states, counties gave in, and everyone was out and infecting anyone/everyone they came across – even masks weren’t totally adopted for a time (and for some, they never really were, unfortunately). But, I mention COVID because during that time of lockdown, there were NO cars on the road. None. I would do a mandatory store run (walk) to Schnucks for essential items, and it was like an abandoned ghost town. I even heard people say that there were deer coming from the Telegraph Road entrance/exit of Cliff Cave Park, and just venturing out onto the street – probably thinking: “no people, we safes!”.nnDifferent times then, in 2020. But *at* the time, they seemed nearly endless. It still carries through, for some. Some people’s work have mandated a permanent work-from-home routine, or at least a remote work routine (which I hear co-working places are fun – but who am I to say? I’m a homebody blogger, haha). Some people like this approach, others hate it, but, again, I am moot on the subject because I don’t comment on how people live their lives, or whatever. Yet, other places of work (even ones that don’t demand on-the-job labor) demanded employees show up on the job site, even during mass infections. So, you do the right thing, you do the wrong thing. Live with the decisions.nnAnyhow, things are better now (mostly). Hope you’re all well.

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