Starting last night, my nose has been running like crazy. Mostly due to it dropping to nearly 50 degrees overnight, and a high today expected to reach around 70. Spring is still very much so here. That’s fine, but when we get “big heat”, then “mild Spring”, and then (soon) “big heat” again, it throws my sinuses through a loop, and I cough and have a runny nose and my overall mood is effected in indescribable ways :/ It’s not what the weather IS, but the consistency, itself, that matters most.nnAnyway, I put clothes in the laundry, and will change loads at 8:15 (in 15 mins), and hurry up and drink this mug of coffee in the meantime. The sliding glass door is open, the floor fan continues to run, and soon a jaunt to Schnucks to buy TP will happen. I will just do that when the clothes are drying.nnOther ish of note: the estate pipe from Etsy is expected to arrive the day after tomorrow, Thursday. So Thank Blog for that! Fast shipping, nice seller on Etsy who has been in contact since the shipment started (we talked about a few things, really – the history of Weber pipes, the date/era that this particular pipe was manufactured, the “cool history” of estate pipes (the “things they’ve seen, the blends they’ve smoked”, etc.)). Very cool guy.nnI also have to follow up with the writing “training” outlet, or what have you. They didn’t e-mail me back yesterday, which I found to be a surprise, but it doesn’t matter. I will follow up and they can respond if they want to.nnI will also do some WWW hunting for some software to run on my VPS this afternoon. Probably a note-taking app, or something like that. I just know I like to self-host. It’s cool. Once I have that (whatever software it is) installed and up and running, I will delete the Ghost blog ( The domain, itself, I will retain, but I have no clue what I would use it for.nnWow, hammered all that out in 10 mins! I gotta change out loads in 5 mins, but I will let another 5 mins elapse on top of that before I head over there (seems like I have to stand there like an axxhole for two minutes while the washer does it’s Final Spin every time I go over there – so I will give it the time it needs, haha).nnI also need to text my therapist to let her know that I am doing alright, and that appointments will resume as usual on June. 1. I haven’t had an appointment in a month, because of financial volatility, but I have let her know that I am doing OK, and that we’ll pick up where we left off (mostly) when June rolls around.nnThat’s it – more updates in the pipeline, I am sure.nnback soon

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