I really do need to make an effort to go camping somewhere in the Spring (more than likely, Washington State Park (WSP)). But, there is definitely some gear I would need to buy before I can do that. I still have my REI sleeping bag (rated at 25 degrees, I think), and other odds and ends, but I do not have other mandatory items, like a tent, camp stove, or even an adequate pack (my daypack is falling apart). And this would be for a "car camping" trip, not a backpacking trip, so the pack isn't the most essential item, but I still need a new one.

But still, as much as I want to/have to get some of this gear together, I am still 100% a day hike kind of guy. Camping is tons of fun, and relaxing, awesome - but, day hikes are more my jam because I can just DO them on a whim, whenever weather permits, because I live not far from Cliff Cave Park. I view day hikes as necessary exercise coupled with mental clarity - as where camping is more of a mini vacation.

And none of this has to be "high end" gear, or something built for a frequent backpacker/camper - nothing expensive or elaborate, just something to see me through a couple nights in a row (safely) on a solo trip to either WSP, or Hawn State Park, or whatever the case may be. And I say solo, because I would have to pay (in gas money) someone to take me to these places, because I do not drive, so it would be a somewhat costly endeavor on the day-of (though, not bank-breaking), but, no matter how I get there, it would be a solo trip, not camping with anyone else. Mostly because I just always wanted to do it that way.

Still, gear must be gotten. Either through a military surplus store, or just REI. The backpack, I know I want to be the Inline Equipment Radius 14(L), as that is ideal for my style of (lightweight) camping, or even sovernight backpacking (and definitely day hiking). Other gear, I would have to figure out ove the next several months, but I am looking forward to looking into it, seeing what I can find.

Back soon