Got no particular approach to this entry, nothing pertinent to say. Just a short ramble of whatever about whatever.

Over on R.w.a, the feed/timeline/whatever it is, has become more like that of the NYT during Amateur Hour than it is a personal blogging platform. All these Serious As Fuck blogs that are trying their hand at gumshoe journalism 101. Or maybe it is the individual who is looking at world events in a "Serious As Fuck" way? Either way, the gloves are off and they've got some reporting to do ;)

Of course, taking anything that happens online seriously is a silly thing to do, in my opinion. And the fact of the matter is, if someone wants to make a video, write a post, send a Tweet, contribute any quip or comment about nearly any subject matter under the sun in 2022, just be aware that most consumers of digital media are not particularly on the hunt, or even passively interested in, finding, watching, or reading a voice that doesn't come accompanied with a Verified badge with it. Winners/Losers, and very little else in between that divide.

And I am not saying people don't just have an opinion, or can't just upload, publish, broadcast content - but to paint it (the channel, blog, podcast, whatever) in a way that implies it is anything other than the opinion of an individual (or group of individuals), is just sort of immature and "dorky" on the WWW in 2022, I feel.

just my opinion, afterall

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