Not that I am actually weary. I feel fine. But the “writer” part – am I that, either? It’s a good question (and before I go on some tangent about this (me), just know that I am attempting to figure this out for myself – not put myself on some BS pseudo soapbox).nnThe question is: **what makes a person a “writer”? And how/when do they know?**nnSo, two questions. Neither of which I have the answer for. But what *does* make someone a writer? Daily writing? Passionate writing? Writing until (or/and after) being published? A degree? Accolades? Four to six hours of writing per day (as suggested by Stephen King)? All of the above? None of the above?nnTo me, being a writer (or a punk rocker, or a minimalist, or a vegetarian, or anything else (I identify with two of those things)) basically is when you write to the point where you can say, confidently, in the company of others (both IRL and online) that you ARE a writer!nnA good writer, a bad writer, an “outsider” writer – however one wants to split it, just writing a lot to the point where it seems silly to NOT call oneself a writer, then, you’ve made it! You’re a writer!nnSo, it doesn’t matter “where writing takes you”, what is derived from it *by others*, as long as YOU (the writer) derive personal benefit/enjoyment from the art/craft. nnAnd to just DO it!nn:)

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