Of course, there is no television networks to speak of here, just YouTube. But at least there is a TV *set* in my apartment. And it has been…seven years since I owned a TV set. The last one I had was a 24 inch Vizio that I used as an external display for a Raspberry Pi 3. This TV set is effectively DOUBLE the size of that TV. Both are about the same resolution, I think. nnAs as far as television *service*, I think it was late-2010 that I abandoned my Super Deluxe Mega Television Package(TM) from Charter Cable when I was living in my first apartment in Jefferson County. I could only afford that LARGE package because I was making OK $$$ pro blogging, but things wound down there, then ended, and I rid myself of cable in The Great Recession Downsizing Movement of the early-2010’s. Or, as me and my friends called it, joining “The New Poor”. LOL! nnBut, I will never get cable back. Ever. Just not a thing I think about not care about. And now everything bent to my will and went streaming anyway, so, cable is irrelevant IMO. nnAnyway, for now I am watching The 8-Bit Guy, and it makes me want to get some (retro?) tech to to ker with sometime soon. What that tech would be – I have no idea. nnIt’s 45 mins until Jan.2 and I can definitely say that the New Year has started off good. And I’ve noticed a lot of people doing “retrospectives” for 2021, so here is a brief one for me -nn- I continued web dev, got much further, learned a lot, then got stuck, and then stopped. Indefinitely. (but I will be back at it again)nn- I blogged every day. Like, literally every single day of the year of 2021, I am almost positive. Usually several decent-sized posts a day. Nothing new there. nn- I got COVID in August/September. Possibly the Delta Variant. I am not sure. A breakthrough case. nn- I got vaxxed (Moderna, 2)nn- I got boosted (Moderna)nn- I kept working out, built more muscle. And keep losing weight. nnThat’s all. Nothing big or new. nn2022 will be more interesting, I am sure. nnBack later

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