So I was able to make contact with my psychiatrist, and we agreed on a medication increase (of what I am already taking), and that should help a bit. But also, there is a possibility of increasing it further in a month (or perhaps two months). So, I will see how this goes (hopefully the increase helps).

I also touched base (how's that for a dork ass, button-down, conformist term?) with my caseworker at this health facility, and she said she would be checking in within a week. It was the first time I had spoken with her in nearly a year, through no fault of my own, and apparently she did not have the correct phone number for me (how? I do not know. It is listed right there in my file with the health clinic in question). Anyway, we will work on things from here on out.

So now, I am sitting here at the kitchen desk/island, sipping sweet tea, and was out on my balcony just before this. Feeling good, feeling alright, no drastic complaints.

It is 2:10 PM, and I have no plans for the remainder of the day, I do not think. Early this morning I posted an update on, as well as, and said "hi" there, as it had been a while.

Also, in unrelated news (unrelated to me anyway), today is the start of Google I/O, and there could be some neat/fun stuff announced there. I don't know. I haven't looked at any news regarding it, yet. But I am going to pop in to The Verge and see what ish was announced, and then immediately click away, because I don't want to get caught up in numerous stories about silly crap that I could care less about in the end.

But...yea. That's all for now. Back soon.