I am writing this post via MacBook at a Quality Inn hotel room, and before that it was Hampton Inn, where my “roomie” discovered that the sheets were fairly dirty in *that* hotel, so they (Amtrak) put us up in another one down the road (QI). It was an “upgrade”, too, because this has a King-Sized bed + mini couch (+ I have the room to myself this time). It’s barely occupiable (word?), though, because the room reeks of dried up perfume, and even the coffee tastes as such. The staff seemed nearly brain dead.nnEveryone, EVERYONE has been lacking sleep for the past 24 hours (nearly 42 hours for me), but I grabbed in two hours just now, which must have been a “jolt” to my system, because I woke up wanting to do anything/everything to be awake and ready to go when 7:30 AM rolls around and we get picked up by our shuttle to go back to the Minoit Station.nnCrazy times, but we manage to entertain ourselves, for sure.nnHere’s a cig and coffee I just had in front of the building…nn![]( green glow from the lights are part of the beaming Quality Inn logo – a glow of “quality”, lol!nnThis rooms smells so gd much like perfume it is nearly unbearable, ffsnnI hate ALL hotels, especially cheap ones :/nnSo much BS occurred in the past 24 hours that I do not remember it all. As long as they get me to Oregon (namely **Eugene** Oregon) without *too many* issues, and I am good. At this point, it has become about the destination, not the journey. I’ve journeyed *plenty* in the past 36 hours, and now I am ready to be in one town for a prolonged period of time, and I want that town to be Eugene (or Florence, Oregon, which is where I am going just after Eugene).nnLuckily, there will be plenty of landscape and natural beauty on the way between here and Oregon (and IN Oregon, as well). Nice :)nnTwo hours of sleep feels like five hours of sleep after NOT sleeping for so long, so, I am just going to write off “good”/”adequate” sleep as a thing I cannot do while “Amtrakking”. But that is OK – again, it’s all destination (with some journey perks along the way) – that’s all I care about.nnI almost feel like my little “nook” my little “two seat cubicle” is my “tavel home” when I am on *this* particular journey, as I want to get my ass to Oregon ASAP. When my destination is reached, I will abandon that “home” and head out to better places in The Real World(TM), haha.nnOK, back to travels :)nnwill write again soon

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