I am going to be making a page on Thanx that will simply be called /making.html (I won't go into the whole mod_rewrite rule BS for that one page - it will be like the /about.html page; ugly and raw, haha). In other words, a big ass document of where I came from, where it (Thanx!) is going, and kind of slowly documenting the process of the whole project coming together.

Actually, on second thought, even though I WANT to host it on Thanx, there is hella formatting and pictures involved with it, so it will likely just be posted here on olry.co. Total 180 in the span of a paragraph, I know, but it just occurred to me that there will be links, highlights, photos, etc and so forth, so making this /making page will be easier if I put it up on here.

Anyway, I have more or less been documenting a bunch of stuff (that I, and maybe others, may find relevant/interesting) over the course of the past year and a half that I want to put into one, big, document. Some of the documentation involves past blog posts (some new, some old), and other photos/writing that I have saved in the Joplin note-taking app that never became blog posts. And other writing/photos will end up being exclusive to this document, too. Plus, I have to write out the entirety of the thing and make it one, cohesive post. And also, I will hold off on putting up anything in regards to the "making" page until the Thanx Project can (maybe) stand on it's own two feet, and is (kinda) "done".

They always say (in terms of websites) that things are never "done", and that's why a lot of this stuff is already posted here and on tmo. Well, that, and because it was simply what I was working on that day, and this is a journal, so of course it got posted! LOL!

So, this will be cool

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