Slept another four hours or so. Not bad. Now I am having coffee - not bad, either.

I will walk to Schnucks in a bit and get soda. It is a bright, sunny day and it is warming to 43 degrees later on :)

No deliveries - USPS doesn't run today, so no tobacco will arrive, and UPS doesn't have the FotL tee's scheduled for delivery today, either (it says they are in Nashville, TN., still). The floorlamp hasn't left Indiana, yet, either. So, nothing too special happening in my neck of the woods today, other than the sunny walk to fetch soda, which will be quite nice (and hopefully less icy than yesterday).

[ 10 minutes later ]

Ahh! just sat here and finished my coffee and had a smoke of VA/Per tobacco, and checked the STLWX (almost 30 degrees now) and texted a couple people, and almost forgot I had a blog post going ;)

So, I will be heading out in a tad here. Gonna be a nice day.

back soon