Slept *again* until 10:00 PM, so I suppose I am all caught up on my sleep now. So that means another all-nighter for me, which is whatever.nnThe remaining two packages have shipped – my Great Nephew’s Xmas gift (from the official Disney Store) as well as the wall tapestry (from Etsy). I didn’t like ordering from the Disney Store, which I ranted about on here around the time of the purchase, but, glad I got the thing ordered, as I am sure he will like it. I also wasn’t totally thrilled that the shipping time (est delivery date) for the wall tapestry is expected to be mid-December, but as long as it *eventually* arrives, it is all I can ask for, I suppose. There is certainly no rush for it.nnI thought about turning the fireplace light on this evening, but it is not a cold evening in any sense of the word, so it would not “feel” right, I don’t think. It’s 40F outside, and it was in the low-60’s today and…yea.nnIt just struck me, maybe I could/should write more “engaging” stuff in this journal? Not stuff that spurs engageMENT (or interaction) like a social media co might call it, but just stuff that I, personally, am interested in/find fascinating.nnAnd perhaps that is the curse of old age (or perhaps just an element of old age I have to continue to proactively avoid) – lacking interest in a lot of things. I feel I used to be more curious in many ways, like I wanted to **learn** everything about the world, and how the world works, and what makes up what, etc. But as of recent years, I have just been in a “don’t get sick while everyone else does the same” mode, or *survival* mode, with the COVID pandemic raging across the world. I mean if the world is in dire straights, am **I** doing anyone a favor by keeping my nose in a book? Or writing about the latest subject matter I happened across in documentary form on YouTube? Some would argue that it is *always* important to be in a continual “state of learning”, which I suppose I am, but I just feel less “pie in the sky”/idealistic about it.nnAnd there *are* things worth researching, learning about, and talking/writing about with people IRL and online, but, it’s difficult for me to maintain my focus (and interest) in something when there is *so much* happening out in the world that keeps me on my toes.nnJust my two centsnnback later

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