Shortly after my 4:00 AM blog post, I finished my coffee and then went right back to bed. I then slept until 11:30, and am 100% rested now :)nnSo, today – my medications arrived in the mail. A higher dosage, because the old (lower) dosage was not working as well as it should. And later on I will walk to Schnucks and get a handful of items (food). I am also playing text tag with my therapist to see when we can meet again via Google Duo. And, awaiting the Amtrak refund to hit my card, which has not happened yet.nnIt’s 1:30 on the dot now. The blisters on my feet have gone down and mostly healed, other than a new blister on the back of my right heel. Which is odd because I did minimal walking in the past two days, and when I did walk it was in Xero Shoes sandals while wearing socks, so nothing “new” should have developed, but…whatever.nnSo on with the day. Hope everyone is well :)nn

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