more rest for the late afternoon, and up for the eve

I slept another two hours, as I got four hours total last night.

I feel much better now

I will stay awake until 12-ish (midnight), I think. As I have to be up and at 'em at 7:20 AM (when my alarm goes off) to be ready to board Metro when it arrives here for a full day of IC! I am very excited! :)

Tonight, I fetched a couple Schnucks brand Dr Peppers, aka "Dr Lou". 2 for $1, so good price. Having one now.

The sunset looked amazing on the walk back, but I didn't snap a shot, because...reasons. Beautiful.

77 now. Similar STLWX tomorrow as today.

I also have been sporting my Levi jeans, which arrived yesterday, and I was not sure 34 waist would fit on me, but lo and behold they fit perfectly! :) No belt needed, yet not loose. The size 38 waist jeans, from pre-COVID, have been donated to the drop-off thing at the apartment complex laundromat. People leave XYZ food, clothing, random items to take/leave. Nice thing to have.

These jeans will have special care, too. I heard a couple times that one should wash their jeans with cold water, and then NOT put them in a dryer, but let them air dry, instead. Which is exactly what I am going to do with this denim. Adds longevity, maintains color, etc.

I'll also pre-pack for tomorrow this evening, gets clothes prepped for tomorrow, shower, etc.


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