I say "Dog" instead of "God", because Hunter S Thompson sometimes referred to "God" as "Dog" - either for humor reasons or whatever, but I just sort of adopted that term.

Anyway, I am sick of writing about Spring. I wrote stuff on here (this blog) about Spring weather and all that, and the most recent post on tmo has similar language, but there is only so much enamored text I can hammer out about something as simple as the weather. So, I am going to stop writing about it.

That doesn't mean I have a card up my sleeve of subjects to replace the subject, it just means that I will think of, come up with, other things that suit my fancy.

post deletion

I've written probably 10 posts in the past two days that I deleted before hitting "publish". I write like 400+ words of whatever comes to mind, and then I find the stuff to be droning and useless, so I delete the draft and think of other things to say at another time.

No issues with this, just observing my self-scrutiny of what I write sometimes.

On a different note, I put away the Arizona Sweet Tea that I was sipping, because it was the second one of the day, and the high sugar content is messing up my stomach, so I don't want to keep doing that. Crossing fingers that I do not get sick.

Before I decide to send this post into oblivion, I will just go ahead and hit publish. Back soon.