So, I looked at maps (DDG maps), as well as other details about future travel, and I see that the best bet (for me, in my price range (and plus just where I really want to go)) is:

Eugene, OR.


Florence, OR.

Why these destinations?

Well, Portland, OR. is a nightmare. Fxxx huge cities like that. Eugene is super nice looking (for a short period of time, anyway), and also I saw a lot of video from around the Eugene Airport a bit from Hobo Maki (A YT channel - but of course I am not basing this decision off of this in any way). So, some reasons:

  • Lambert Airport (STL) to Portland Airport (Portland) costs ~$400 (IF I am lucky, there is but one seat left for May 1 at that price, and the rest of the ticket costs (for the entirety of the day) are $600+)
  • STL to Eugene Airport costs ~$330 (multiple flights). It is also much closer to Florence. It is basically a 60-ish mile trek down Highway 126 to get to Florence from Eugene
  • Also, a lot of parks and whatnot in Florence. And it looks very much so like a small-ish town (like junk ass Arnold, Missouri, in a way, haha).
  • Florence is also right on the ocean. Well, the town proper is across a river, but it isn't far at all to reach the Pacific

So that's what I have in terms of reasons for the destination(s)

I just spent 45 minutes researching airports and cities along the PNW, and I always wanted Oregon, but checked out Washington, too, and those fxxxing airports are EXPENSIVE. Also, I checked airports that were closer to the coast, but it seems that the nearest one is Eugene (in Oregon, anyway). There is also a Florence Municipal Airport, but they do not seem to be accepting (or particpating with) American Airlines, so...

California. L.O.L. I would never consider that place ( #madness).

So that's that for now.

I have shit written out on Standard Notes, as well as specific details of what to do when I arrive, and where to go from there. Specifics, deets, and miscellany that I will share at another time :)

back soon