I woke up this AM and went to a neighbor’s apartment, and had coffee and BS’d with him for a while. The rain was on and off. Still overcast. Then I checked the mail – got nothing, expecting a couple of things. Later, I will catch my ride to the store for grocery shopping (arriving here at 2:10 this afternoon).nnLater or tomorrow morning I will do a load of laundry. And I also await a possible sale of the standmount speakers on CL, which has had the posting renewed every other day for a week, and no interest in them, yet. I find that weird (either people are opting for Facebook Marketplace or want the speaker price to come down, which it will not).nnI also wrote out a lengthy note to myself on Standard Notes that has specific details for the [writing rig setup I wrote about yesterday, on]( I got down to the nitty gritty with that write up (meaning the lengthy note I took in SN, the blog post linked above is mostly the initial “idea” behind it all).nnI broke it down to five sections:nn- MOTHERBOARDn- CRT MONITORn- SOFTWAREn- CASES/STANDSn- PERIPHERALSnn…and then I wrote a few bullet points for each section, getting as specific as possible about each element.nnI also decided to call the project **init commit**, because it is my first significant software/hardware project I have taken on…ever. I mean, I have assembled Raspberry Pi computer cases before, tacked on the heatsinks (correct spelling?), and have assembled a tower PC one time (while I lay on a carpeted floor – NOT a good choice, but everything worked out ok). And, of course (as I have written extensively on this blog before) I picked up web development starting in early-2020, and know a few things in that realm, which is very good. But, I wanted to take on a larger, more significant project to really keep me busy, and something that I can be proud of short term and long term. I plan on documenting nearly ALL of the project as it goes along, so it will be fun, for sure. Likely, I will post progress updates over on the Ghost blog (, updates as they happen :)nn**Other things**nnTherapy, personal appointments with my counselor, have been delayed throughout this month, as I have been in sticky situations in regards to finances. I have remained in contact with her through text messages, but it has been agreed to that my next appointment will occur on, or around, June. 1. It will be *over* a month since I have had an appointment at that point, but, it is what it is. **I** am doing alright in the meantime, though. nn**Budget stuff**nn[As I wrote the other day](, I am planning on “taking stock” of many things for the apartment, for personal care, as well as food items, and tobacco, etc. But, the specifics regarding my finances in June are still “up in the air” a bit. I *will* have a more concrete budget laid out soon (in fact, I will start that right after this blog post), but for right now, some things are not 100% – or, they cannot be “counted on” for the time being. Such as:nn- the sale on CL (who knows when someone will buy the speakers I have posted – could be today, could be a week or more?)n- the refund from my Amtrak trip ($266, which could “make a dent” in the “taking stock” list)n- and also, I have not arranged the specific amounts I will be paying back to certain individuals in regards to small loans that I needed when I was SOL and stranded in Western Montana (travel, man – always an “adventure”)nnSo, I will get down to the “nitty gritty” in that regard, as well. I will hammer out a good, “concrete” budget in Standard Notes right now (at least in terms of live-or-die life necessities), and then see where I can go from there.nnback soon

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