So, this is endlessly cool. I am looking around, and there almost seems to be an endless amount of details, community involvement, creativity, etc. and that is just the best :)

So, I set up my profile, and but a few things are restricted until I pay for a Premium account (again, $30 is not bad - I pay that ish for an RSS reader), and I can start on all this right away. The first is on an unofficial trail that I always wanted to explore in Cliff Cave Park, just above the cave (before the cliff!). That will be the first one I go after.


Also, added some bits and bobs to my cart on REI(.com), which I think will be critical for activities ahead. A space pen w/ key ring, emergency whistle (to be worn around my neck), a full-sized SUUNTU compass, water purification drops, small notebook, and a small flashlight. And everything else I already have with my hiking gear. There's also a small kit that could come in handy for "advanced" caches (which require puzzle solving and special tools - cryptography is involved with some of these, too (cool!)). This kit, the TOTT (Tools Of The Trade) kit, is fairly cheap on the geocaching site, so I will pick one up.

back soon