Reorganized my Standard Notes a bit. I put the **jot pad** note into the “#dev” category, and OUT of the “#general” category, because I use it almost exclusively for dev stuff. It is simply a note that I maintain to have a quick and dirty place to copy/paste things + work with whatever it is I am working on for the day, and then delete whatever is there by the END of the day.nnI also took all the longterm notes (thing that need to be done over time) from the bottom of the **Thanx Master To-Do List** and put them into their own note (filed under “#dev”). So, that is a simple reminder of where I am going/what I am doing.nnI also put the Git Quick Start Guide in the **Resources List** note, because I know I will find it useful later on down the line (as well as right now, immediately). I also removed a couple resources from that list that I know I will never need again.nnThat’s all, I believe

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