more night to bring in the night

9:22 PM, and I do not know what that title means :/

Trying to be quirky/funny, I guess, haha

Anyway, I am having an Edgefield non-filter (nonny) and a cup of coffee, and I am glad I got what I needed today + have $$ leftover to run to Schnucks tomorrow to get MORE stuff (because I will need more stuff), and...yea. All bases covered.

I also need to hop in the shower, because I neglected to do so yesterday, and feeling grimy, so...yea.

And as I mentioned in the last blog post, I cleaned up everything on the desktop ON the Mac, but I also cleaned up the Mac ITSELF, as well. I wiped down the screen so it wasn't covered in gunk (whatever the hell it was), and also wiped down the outside, the speaker grills, the keyboard, etc. I also removed the NASA-like "Dev" sticker from, because it was getting corroded and funky, so it had to go.

I might get more stickers at another time, I don't know.

Not important

As soon as I finish this coffee, I will hop in the shower, and shave, because I have to shave again since returning back from The Montana Excursion. I returned home last Saturday, I think, and the first thing I did was have a bath, because I didn't trust myself in the shower, because my feet were too banged up and I thought I might fall. Then, I rested for four hours, which was enough to see me through the evening, and then I slept seven hours after that (catching up on much-needed REM Cycle sleep). And then I finally shaved after waking up from that sleep, and now it is time to shave again. Five days have elapsed since then, and that is about on par for my shaving cycle. My facial hair grows rather slowly, and whenever it DOES grow out, it doesn't get super thick, or "full" whatsoever. I do not know why, but I am 38 years old, so I do not expect it to start growing in full and lush all of a sudden at this age. My facial hair sucks. Period.

And speaking of 38, I barely feel 38 (anymore). I honestly feel like I am on the verge of 40, and I ALWAYS wanted to turn 40, as I feel the ages between 40 and 42 will be my "best" years. So I am looking forward.

I also developed (a long time ago) a "leap frog" approach to aging: I tend to feel that every other decade is a good/memorable one (in my life), and the decade in between the good decades are just a long ass slog.

My 20's - awesome. No doubt. (most of them, anyway)

My 30's - dry as a bone. Early-30's was dealing with foul/toxic friendships. Mid-30's I was watching my late-Father slowly pass away and then die in early-2019. Late-30's (or, now), I feel relatively reinvigorated and happy about life. Mostly looking forward to 40 (and beyond).

Teenage years before my 20's - tumultuous. Crazy. Wild. Reckless. And dangerous. That is all I can say.

Ages 0 - 10 - I don't know. I don't remember much of it. I had an OK childhood, though, I suppose.

So, that is how I see it for now.

I gotta shower and shave. Back soon.

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