It's almost midnight, almost Wednesday, and I have coffee brewed, and sipping away on it now. No clue when sleep will happen, but I slept decent earlier, so not anytime soon, I suppose.

I have the sliding glass door wide open, both fans running, letting the apartment cool off (it got warm, somehow). Coffee is being consumed.

So, what's on the menu for this eve? In terms of actual food, I already had a late dinner - an egg sandwich. Glamorous. It is nice to have coffee after such a meal, because it is like breakfast, only late at night (breakfast anytime is good).

The living room chair has to go. I sit in it, it is uncomfortable, it causes tightness in my back - it's terrible. I forget how the thing broke (I sat in it too many times(?) - pretty abysmal feature of a chair), so I will get the goofy Poang chair (or whatever it is called) from Ikea. $99. Affordable.

Not in April, though. Too much shit to handle in April.

Gonna wrap this up. Back soon.