I Swiffered the kitchen floor. And when it dried, whatever gunk/stickiness that gathered near the pantry door had simply been “spread out” amongst the rest of the floor, so now when I walked on it with shoes, every *inch* of the floor had a “pull” to it. So, I Swiffered the floor again, and now it is smooth. nnThen I was off to Schnucks (for the second time today) to buy wanna-be Cascade. Dish soap that gets junk off dishes – I don’t care what they decide to name it.nnSo I did. And I also bought ramen (for making vegetarian ramen noodles), and that was it. I wanted a Party Pizza, but they have been out of the cheese varietal for nearly a week now. Since I didn’t buy that, I considered other things to buy, but just said “fxxx it” and bought what I had in my hands and walked home, haha.nnAnd the walking was nice. Hot, sweaty, but nice. Summer is here officially, I’d say.nnWhich reminds me that I need to shower, clean up. I didn’t do so last night (even though I blogged that I would) and I didn’t shower the day before, either. WTF? Why am I such a gross ass? Hahannback soon

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