At least the Home Depot order did (the faux fireplace/space heater). So, hopefully that arrives on the expected delivery date (Nov. 5 – Friday). Would be nice to have that delivered the day after the LL Bean jeans arrive and then the tobacco order arrive the day after the Home Depot delivery. Fingers crossed.nnFor me, for Now, I had three ES Tylenol to stave off any leg pain + to stave off any tooth pain that was slowly creeping up on me. Surprisingly, just giving my teeth a good brushing (which I do at least twice daily, anyway) and then immediately following that up with a small glass of orange juice seems to do *something* to the enamel, or plaque, or whatever the hell, and now there is less tooth pain.nnEither that or the Tylenol, take your picknnFeeling totally refreshed with the short haircut I got earlier. A *very* high fade, with it buzzed to a 1 on the sides/back, and then buzzed at a 4 on top – so, basically a military style haircut.nnAll is good here, I suppose. Feel like my entire body is on the mend, even though it is simply ailments and injuries keeping me down. Not so much any type of *illness* or virus or anything (at least not this time, but I can’t say the same for late-August of this year (which was probably COVID)).nnBack later

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