...ffs. They are inspection the structural stability of my balcony tomorrow (with a single days notice, thanx!), so I have to be here for that (no problem there - where do I have to be?) and I will also have to be here for my stomach med delivery (which is absolutely no problem, because those I actually need).

I could care less if I pass this inspection, as it isn't my fault if the balcony is strong/weak/whatever.

Also, I am pretty sure my neighbor's dog has reached a new level of innate insanity and lost all possible grips with reality, because it has been barking at literally jack shit for the entirety of three hours now (very little breaks), as well as howling and just generally losing it's mind at all times.

OK, that is the last time I write anything about this dipshit's dog, because it is not worth the words, really.

Anyhow, I don't have my stomach meds for today, so (you called it) I got sick (as a dog!) in the bathroom earlier, and that made me feel better, but of course vomiting is never a good thing, but it is whatever. Nothing I can do about it :/

Now that I am recovered, I am back to the iced coffee. The day has become the beauty I expected it to be - sunny, 73, breezy, and just gorgeous.

Back to life. More later.