more housekeeping items

So, I changed loads at the laundromat. I finished this coffee. And the temp in my apartment has crept up to 75, so I will flip on the AC, and close the door for a bit. I will turn OFF the AC and open the door back up around midnight, probably.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is plan-less. I have a single phone call to make, and that is all.

But for tonight, I am looking far and wide to see what I could possibly host on a VPS. I don't want to tack on another $10 per mo Linode instance to my already finite budget, so I will find something "lightweight" that can be ran on a $5 per mo "Nanode". Likely it will be something NOT writing related, as that is already taken care of with Ghost, here.

In fact, I want whatever software I jump into to really NOT be writing related, AT ALL. And it could hypothetically be anything. Photo Prism looks really cool, but, high resolution photos could eat into the space on the sever very quick. For my use case, I should be ok, but...I'm still deciding. If I do go that route, I will remove all my photos from and put them onto Photo Prism.

But for now, I have to cool off. AC is on.

back soon

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