Been texting with a childhood friend this evening. Good convo, for sure. And in between lengthy pauses between text messages, I have been thinking of web dev, and which software I want to host on a NEW $5 per mo “Nanode” on Linode. As I mentioned, I want to host some sort of note-taking app (like Standard Notes (if I can do it *fully* and not just “sorta” self-host it)), or Joplin, which *is* open source, but I do know the details of self-hosting that software (IF it is self-hostable (word?)).nnI said in a blog post this morning that I would hunt around for software to experiment with, but I haven’t conducted that search, yet. I’ll find something soon, though.nnWhen I do, I will remove the Ghost blog from Linode. And I am OK with that. It had a good run. No need to host something I am not happy with using. nnSo there’s that for now. nnback soon

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