Turns out I DO feel like writing this morning, and I AM fairly awake. Maybe 2 hours of sleep was enough for me for the time being?nnStill, espresso is wanted/needed, so that is what I will have right now.nnSort of just *thinking* this morning. Thinking about more than what I am writing about. Letting thoughts come and go, bounce around in my head, ruminating, exploring ideas, etc. Some people cannot be left alone with their own thoughts, and I find that terribly sad. The brain, the most intrinsic gift that nature bestows upon humans – the gift of complex thought – is being wasted by someone, anyone, who just doesn’t want to look at themself in the eyes. Sad, indeed. I am very glad I am not in this camp of people, as my thoughts are what *save* me and make me who I am. In fact, it *is* who I am. nnI checked Informed Delivery – no mail expected tomorrow. Mums the word in terms of the tobacco order *and* the Missouri Real ID (which won’t show up with Informed Delivery, anyhow), but I will be here all day regardless, so no worries.nnTherapy at noon today. Looking forward!nnBack laternn

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