Having some bold coffee here, the wind blows outside and snow falls everywhere, and who knows how many inches in total it will all amount to? I know that if the temperature is anywhere near decent tomorrow (above 20 degrees, say), then I will go over to the laundromat and do laundry. I do not want to do laundry if the temps are single-digit or anything like that, because there is always the risk of a pipe breaking, etc. But, 20 or above (which is still very much so below-freezing) I (for whatever made up reason) feel more comfortable doing laundry. But, it must be done.

The CBD gummies arrive tomorrow (hooray!), so that will be nice, for sure. Looking forward to trying them out - slowly at first, and then maybe an increase over time? I have no idea, I am sort of playing it by ear.

I got nothing else for right now. Be back soon.