Nope. No delivery at all today. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s pretty abysmal that USPS can’t do basic tasks any longer. nnSo I’ll wait until Monday. IF they decide to deliver it then. I’m not holding my breath. nnBut as mentioned, I am making coffee for no other reason than caffeine makes me feel good, sometimes. nnI’m *really* fxxxing distraught with all this waiting around shit. Spending hundreds of dollars on stuff, and then waiting the better part of a month to receive it is a shite way of doing business.nnBut whatever. That’s the country I was born into – one where there are NO local stores for literally anything, and everything under the blazing sun has to be ordered with the Internet. U.S.A.nnAnyway, I’m beyond aggravated tonight. All I know is that in January, I am ordering but ONE (small) thing online, and just pocketing the rest of my money. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo? IDK. I know that with whatever tax monies I get back, I will likely get a fairly large tat on my left forearm (the Geisha that I mentioned a couple times before), but I still have the moms to pay back, so I might hand her off a couple hundred so I don’t have *that* cost (or, personal debt) giving me stress in January. nnAnyway, I’m gonna try to cheer up. I’ve got everything I “need” in life for the time being, I suppose. So I shouldn’t be complaining. Perhaps it is the holidays? I’m bored as hell with them. Or maybe it’s the warm weather, when I am fully expecting it to be COLD weather. 20° nights and then a 70° day two days later doesn’t exactly work well for those who have seasonal depression. It’s a lose/lose situation, and there is nothing enjoyable about it. nnWho cares? Go back to FB or whatever.

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