Simple Folgers instant. Same old same old. Just fine.

Spring is nice, and as far as I am concerned, the season has already arrived. The STLWX is nice, and the forecast sort of says it will be this way for a while, so...Winter is over.

Life seems to be generally boring at times. As if there is "nothing" going on in the world, even though that is decidedly NOT true. Or perhaps it is the fact that I have an upcoming appointment next week, and I am sort of just awaiting for that to be taken care of, done with, and then I can move along with life. Not that there is anything to "worry" about at all - I feel more than OK, and the appointment is just a re-confirmation that everything is OK, but when I have something anything to look forward to, or am obligated to do on the calendar, I sort of get in a "forward viewing mode" and am less focused on what is right here in front of me. Annoying.

Another reason I mostly dislike the holidays. Just get em done with and move along, haha.

Kind of like, if everyone is concerned with everything "working out OK", and just "maintaining the status quo", then that depletes any type of focus, attention, or enthusiasm with what can be, or could be, or should be. Or in other words, when everything is "just ok", tends to be a direct indicator that things are NOT "exciting", enthralling, or optimistically amusing in any respect.

Long story short: I prefer life to be amusing, exciting, enthralling, and eventful in nearly any respect, as long as long as it isn't "a lot of the same shit, again". And how much of this is an indicator of my own willingness to "make things happen", or to persue a life is consistent activity, amusement, is beyond me. In other words, I sometimes think it is my own general mode of laziness that contributes to not finding/seeing/being a part of hyper active and entertaining situations.

So, anyone persuing a life of monotonous routine and scheduled activity where a/the schedule sets the tone and importance of their day, is making a HUGE mistake, because that is like conscious effort to ignore and discredit the actual parts of life that make anything tolerable.

And on another hand, I know that I am not the only one in the world that observes the world at large as a kind of structured (or systematic) type of "going through the motions". Because excitement, amusement, and general inner calm/happiness/and satisfaction with the world stems from within not just myself but from within all others. Fairly difficult to be happy/satisfied with anything in life when everyone else is of the mindset and attitude that "stuff sucks", and have a lack priorities about what actually makes things "good".

I could go on a tangent about how a whole host of elements of the world are either adding or subtracting from these things, and for all I know it's a big damn illusion in regards to how an individual observes the world/society around them. But any type of conscious effort to sustain or protect the status quo is like turning one's own prison key. So I tend to not do that.

back soon