Will head out of here in about an hour to meet up at Crusoe's Restaurant (a block or so away from where I live), which I will actually be picked up for, because it is freezing cold out. But while I wait, I make instant coffee and sit in the sun rays in my living room. It's 15F outside, but sunny as could be, so the sun makes the chill a bit more tolerable.

realizing something significant

Significant in my world, anyway - every single blog post I put up on olry.co has to be clicked on in order to be read, and therefore people can't just "pop in and read" like they could on tmo.name (on W.a), so I am going to have to change the settings on this theme on Ghost to make each blog post "expanded", so people can just visit, read, and bounce (like I am sure people did previously). But, at the same time, it is kind of nice to have a small selection of five posts to choose from right there on any given page of the blog, so there is less scrolling involved.

So, I may as well keep it as-is. Not need to fuss with the files of this theme (AGAIN). However, I would be smitten as a kitten in a mitten if I could somehow swap out my URL of this blog from "olry.co" to "tmo.name", and just leave the (old/dead) W.a blog as "write.as/tmo". However, swapping out a domain on a self-hosted blog using a VPS is slightly more complex than I am willing to deal with at the moment. Hell, it would be easier to just export all of my posts from this blog, same them locally, delete this VPS, start the entire Ghost install process over again on a different VPS, re-install this (modified) theme, import these blog posts, and then put all of the new settings under "tmo.name". Again, a thing I am not doing (because that is preposterous).

Still, as part of my New Year Resolution (which I don't actually have any, and don't want any - but for sake of argument...) I am going to rid myself of nearly every domain I own except "tmo.name", "olry.co" (which by the time it comes up for renewal, I will have this bloggo changed over to a new domain by then, I hope!) and the url for Thanx. So, I will delete the other domains (olry.me, olry.site, etc.) and then simply NOT RENEW olry.co, because it is still necessary for this particular bloggo, for the time being. And in the end, I will be left with just "tmo.name" and "Thanx.xxx" (which isn't ".xxx", but it doesn't need visitors at the moment).

Someone should make e-mail extension sites - like, "name@email.com/yourblogname". Kind of like what Google Buzz sort of tried to do back in the day (and failed) with their first crack at social networking and Gmail (before Google+, and before Google Wave). I think this would be the way to have a home on the WWW. Just, go to your e-mail service and start blogging, or whatever it is one wants to do with their site(s). It's a novel idea - it could work.

Anyway, gotta hydrate before heading out the door for lunch.

Back soon