Made coffee as I had a shower, and now I have the instant espresso poured and am writing πŸ˜‰ And chances are, tonight will be an all-nighter, because at 6:00 AM I am going to go to Schnucks and get some *proper* groceries for the house, as I have not had a *proper* cooked meal in two days. I’ve eaten in that time, but mostly fruit, and other odds and ends, and I need some hot food ASAP.nnSo, 4.5 hours to gonnAlso, I’ve noticed since receiving the New Balance shoes that my knees are popping a *lot* less! :):) I didn’t think that would happen within such a short period of time, as I *knew* they would heal as time went by, and that long walks, and the right shoes, etc., would help – but one week into wearing NB every day, and I am already seeing a difference!nnI stopped popping my knuckles some years back, too. The knees were almost an automatic, necessary thing to do, but my knuckles I popped out of habit for the longest time, and then they began to hurt, so I stopped, and now things are better.nnGonna enjoy this espresso, enjoy this night, and probably write more later

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