Made instant coffee real fast, and I am about to walk to Schnucks for a few items, as it is sunny, beautiful outside. 43 degrees, too - real nice.

So, Right Now, I sit and write and sip coffee and enjoy the sun rays coming in through the window. Very delightful.

I could write about some type of pain/discomfort, but to hell with it - I've said enough crap on that subject already, so I will just move along with my day and not bother to address it in blog form.

But that doesn't mean I instantaneously have a plethora of interesting or amusing things to talk about, be it to/from myself in this journal or to other/outside folks who may be reading this. I just kind of drum up a handful of words to write here and there and then they are written, and then I don't have to think about it/them anymore, and then sometimes I re-read them or/and other folks read them, and then that's that. A pretty (overly?) simplified way of having an online presence, but it's how I do things, so....there it is.

So there are some more words worth writing. back soon