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It's nearly 6:00 now. Just returned home to iced coffee and a pipe. I visited Neighbor "S", and made the predetermined walk to BP for him, only not to buy a carton of cigs, but a single pack and a soda for him. Of course he offered that I get something, anything, for myself, but I just really wanted to walk. I am done with soda for the day. And I wasn't going to get a pack of smokes, because I have the aforementioned pipe.

It was a nice chat. I will stop by there tomorrow.

I think I will text my bud from childhood, too. I'll refer to him as "B" on this blog, as legal names need not be revealed. He's a nice dude, and has a lot going on with his life. We keep up through text and sometimes phone call. We've met up exactly twice in ~20 years - once at my late-Father's wake, and another time a few days after, at my old apartment here in South County. And of course that's how things "work out", "play out", what have you. We grew up to be two totally different individuals. And we sort of morphed into our own (headstrong, sometimes stubborn) identities when we were still teenagers, really. The most notable difference between us (as there are still a bunch of similarities, for the most part), is that he is 100% into the "hometown" thing. He bought a house just three houses down from where he grew up, on the same street, and his younger brother did similar - bought a house three houses up from where they grew up (in the other direction). "B" is the oldest of the five-sibling lot, and he sort of acts as the "glue" amongst them all. And amongst the friends in the (old) neighborhood. He has tabs on "J", "E", the other "E", all the "G" brothers, "D", "R", and other affiliates and friends with their own first initial derivative. They (we) are all far out and gone - some in Kansas City, some in Georgia, some in Florida, and a fair chunk scattered about Jefferson County (where we grew up). And "B" has them in his contacts, relays stories, and updates, and changes, and all other things through his mediums of modern communicae. I joke with him that he turned into his mother - who could honestly conduct the communcation and correspondence of every soul she ever met through an old LAN line phone and snail mail letters and cards. "B" does likewise, only the calls are via iPhone, the "letters" via SMS.

But he's there, along with his kid, and his brother, and his kid, and their mother. Both totally "adults" in every respect of the word, and they both do their thing and raise their brood as they see fit. But in regards to venuring into unfamiliar territory, or traveling, or seeing "what's what" beyond a relatively narrow comfort zone, is not in his particular interest. Which is fine.

It makes no difference. We all make our own choices in life, and it isn't like I am exploring the forests of the Congo, or scaling Mount Everest. I'm sort of "normal" in regards to geographical location, too. So, it's all the same difference. Whatever.

I'll text him soon


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