I am not wired in to the TV right now (the MBA is sitting next to the chair). But I figured I’d do a mobile blog post anyway, because they can be fun :)nnIt’s a different element to the writing, and one that may “help” my flow *of* writing (instead of the continual rut I have been in with the desktop Firefox method of): nn- launch Firefox on the MBA > go to > go to “Write” > hammer out a blog post nnORnn- launch Firefox on MBA > type in `tmo [right arrow] g` (which populates the URL bar with ``) > click “New Post” > hammer out a blog postnnNow, I just sort of keep the W.a editor launched continually on Firefox mobile, and just start writing when I am in the mood. I did this for a number of years a while back – in 2018 through late-2019 (when I was still doing Twitter/Instagram, I just *always* had the phone in-hand, so I would blog that way, too). So, the blog-length method of writing on mobile is not foreign to me. nnI gotta say, this *is* a change, and in some regards and improvement (at least in terms of ENJOYING MYSELF while I write). I can’t describe the narrow-eyed focus and pseudo determination one expresses/possesses when they are putting words down on a mobile device. Like the ancestors of the BlackBerry days, the “CrackBerry” mindset of “damn it, I gotta get this stuff written, Now!” is still prevalent. For me it is, anyway. nnAs a computer has a passive “take it or leave it” type of presence to it. I can make a meal in the kitchen and sit down for a sentence or so while I am at it. Casual. Good, in some ways. But the mobile method is more appealing for now. nnAnd as far as Ghost – I don’t think it actually works on mobile. Words repeat themself, characters show up out of nowhere, all kinds of shit goes haywire. No good. nnAnyways back later.

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