Some things I need to do:nn- I have been locked out of the Web interface for my bank account for over a year (but the card still works OK), so I submitted a ticket through them to reset my info (sorta) and grant me accessnn- I downloaded the official app for this bank (after verifying/reverifying it was the correct/legit one), and that granted me access (which I assumed it would)nn- I also have to request a new card sometime early next year, as the current card is due to expire eventually (I’ll negate the details)nnSo, when I talked to Customer Support, my current address was updated, all other info was confirmed, and they will *call* (wtf) me when the Web support ticket comes up to update my e-mail and then reset my PW. All of that is *total* BS and bonkers when the entirety of the scenario should be resolved in ONE place: the person whom I was talking to when I called. nnAnyway, I have access to balance/transfers (again) via the app, so the Web interface can fly a kite. The card replacement can be done in due time. THEN I can see about getting into the Revolut Card thing (again, in due time) as a form of saving money (by me, through small (manual) deposits onto Revolut), and also a way of having a sort of “backup” payment method if/when my regular debit card gets rejected for being flagged as a “prepaid” debit card (which still happens from time to time – and I do not know why).nnAnyway, just spreading money out a little bit. I still have zero(0) plans on doing day trading, or Robin Hood, or crypto, or NFTs, or any other convoluted system of financial management out there – just keeping it simple. Hard money (incl physical silver on occasion (yes, I am one of *those* guys)).nnBack later

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