So, I went through the files for this theme, and I replaced everything with "monospace" in the font-family, lol! It was under the "style.css" file, so it was easy. I have NO clue why the "Preview" for each post is still stuck in "New Courier", though. But...whatever. Good enough for now.

To do this, I simply went to the most recent file for the theme (which I renamed "dybll-ghost-X(.zip)" ( w/ "X" being the number of times I have altered the theme)), and unzipped it, went to "style.css" looked for everything that said "New Courier", or anything else under font-family that wasn't "monospace" already, and changed it TO "monospace", and even added a font-family "command" or "prompt" or whatever to a small section that did not have any particular font-family previously (it was under the .#article section, I think - so it just "defaulted" to New Courier somehow (I am guessing it how that worked). And there we go - Voila! Monospace'd out! ;)

Just pissing around right now. Back soon.