This time, in the afternoon. A lot of the machines are in-use and I will have to either wait or get lucky that a dryer is available when I switch out the wash for the dry in roughly 10 minutes.

It is 84 degrees outside. Summer slowly sets in. And I welcome it :)

I slowly finish off a Mountain Dew Live Wire, puff on a Lucky Strike, and anticipate being able to wear fresh/clean duds in a little bit here. I will shower before that though, of course.

Mail has been fetched, nothing neat there - junk mail.

I will slowly walk and half-limp to BP this evening as the temperature begins to go down and fetch another pack of Luckies or two. I also am looking forward to my Amtrak refund which has already been approved. It should be arriving on my debit card any time now. $266 is the total, as I went for the cheapest/bargain basement fare for the trip, which of course was a total mistake from a time/logistic standpoint, but a frugal "smart" move from a financial perspective. But honestly, the whole trip was a mess and a nightmare. Probably "shouldn't" have happened - but, lessons learned. Things experienced. New insights gained. Etc.

I am also awaiting a call from a "new"(?) caseworker from a healthcare provider I use, because the old (but perhaps still current?) caseworker is a total flake and never returns any of my calls, and doesn't leave voicemails or anything like that. Basically non-existent/pointless professional relationship there. So I hope I DO have a new caseworker in this regard, and that he/she calls me at some point today, as there are scheduling arrangements we have to make for some things. Healthwise, thing are ok - just need to do some follow-up stuff.

I also have to contact my therapist, as I let her know that I was doing a LOT of stuff at the time of our last text exchange, and that I would be rescheduling our therappy appointment for as soon as possible. But, I will reach out when I can (after laundry, I suppose) and then we will kinda sort of play by ear in terms of when the next appointment will be.

Time to switch out loads. As writing that up took roughly ten minutes. Will sit on the balcony a bit here soon, too.

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