mocha lite. As to not over-mocha.

Went to Schnucks. During rush hour. The cashier line(s) were backed up past the booze section. The self-checkout had devolved into a rule-less, anarcho, MORE than twelve items free-for-all, and I had to stand sandwiched between two old dudes who discussed inflation and stagnation, as I glanced around, waiting for the line to move.

I had a single item - Int'l Delight Mocha Lite, as their Vanilla was sold out. As was the FULL, real deal Mocha.

I tried for the individual bottles of the (even tastier) Starbucks caramel...whatevers. Mocha, latte, tapioca ;) IDK. And them shits were priced at $4.50 for a 14 ounce bottle! I got this entire carton for fifty cents more, and it will do perfectly fine.

Stopped by the apartment of Neighbor "S" on the way, and he was waiting for his sister. So I will stop by later if he needs me to run to BP for him. Will likely go there in 30 mins, or so.

Every time I see the word "Mocha", I think of "Mo Rocca", the dude from The Daily Show who either left because he came to the conclusion that it was not actual journalism, or he just wanted to be an actual journalist. He bounced around to some larger networks for a while, and then...idk. I haven't seen anything from him in a while (I don't watch network news, so how could I?).

And soda. I drink too much of it. I had so much Dr Lou (the store brand spin-off of Dr Pepper) today that I felt like I would pee out an ocean, and I bought a 2-liter this morning at 6:00 AM, and that fucker is gone. That is TOO much soda! So, I am going to put in a direct limit into how many I have in a day (if any, though I prefer at least one a day). Maybe, two 20 ounce bottles. At most. Hot coffee is fine 90% of the time. And water. A lot of water.

For now, liquid ice cream (er, iced coffee) will do just great :)

And I actually am a quasi-health nut (as readers of this blog probably get the gist of), and have been vegetarian for almost 8 years (Aug 1, a week away, that marks the eighth year! :)), but I still like moderate "snacky" foods, sometimes. Iced coffee, diet soda, and I even chimney away on a tobacco pipe throughout the day. However, I get in hella walking + resistance bands routines + the lightest of yoga, and other things of personal upkeep. So, perfect? Nope. Not at all. Better than I have been, and continuing TO be? Yep! I've done better in the past three years than I have in the past decade, for sure.

Upward and onward!


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