mixing up the music

Added Trivium "Like Light To Flies" to my main playlist

Then spun back around to Demi Lovato "La La Land"

Then Olivia Newton-John "Hopelessly Devoted To You" (RIP, such a talent!)

And now (in eclectic fashion) Motley Crue "Too Young To Fall In Love"

Coffee has been poured, after a BP pop. Caffeine is the name of the rose right now.

A workout night tonight, too :)

I checked the new track by Moby and some French artist - nah, not my thing.

The "any/all genre" (main) playlist is up to 52 songs. Most of the earlier tracks barely get played, because I am enamored with the new/old classics of the newer additions.

observing talent

I listened to ON-J with Hopelessly Devoted, and I thought: "man, that type of vocal control, that ability to just input certain tonalities at just the right time, and do so with confidence - it projects true talent". And I notice that in vocalists more than anything, I think. Less with guitar, drums, bass, etc. And I always pick up on it, and appreciate it.

And I sort of see stuff like that in other forms of art - some people can just capture a nice photo, or switch scenes/frames in a film/documentary in just such a way that sort of "ticks the mental/emotional box" just right, and is honestly intangible and indescribable about what is good and nice about it - but some can really do it.

And so it goes for writers/writing - being able to "hit the notes" on some things, the "right" words written the "good" way - completely and totally intangible and unteachable. Talent. I'd like to think I can do something like this, and at times I have sincerely impressed myself with what I am capable of, but so often it is not a moment like that, and I have to go with the "ebb and flow" of...whatever.

Reminds me of the scene in the movie "Hurley Burly" with Sean Penn, when his character's cocaine habit progressed to an event horizon within the movie, and he decides to fake-kill himself by falling face-first into an indoor pool, cigarette still dangling from his mouth. Saving him, was a young Anna Paquin who came into clarity from the camera shot from beneath the water, and there she asked "what the hell are you doing, Eddie?", where Penn's character lamented that he's out of sync, that he has "no flow". Paquin's character dismissed his complaints as, "I don't think it cares".

"Doesn't care? This thing, this flow just don't care?" Penn asked, frustrated and dumbfounded.

"No, I don't think so." Paquin said, as she walked away.

I feel that the "ebb and flow" of whatever "it" is, in regards to whatever I am doing, or am trying to do, with writing oftentimes hits the mark, in terms of being a hobby, form of expression that I enjoy. But so many times, I lose any/all interest when I realize, over and over again, that I fail to make a living at it, and that I cannot navigate a route to get to the point of doing so.

And on it goes...

Thanks for sticking around, anyone and everyone who decides to do so. I will finish this coffee, and continue with some nice music, incl Mr Big "To Be With You" right now.

As you were


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