Got it in the mail just now, and all info on it is correct, so all is good there. The USPS dude is at the top of the parking lot and hasn’t dropped off anything yet in terms of packages, and I am going to blow a fuse if this guy doesn’t drop that ish off at my door when his usual rounds are done.nnSo anyway, now I can fly commercially (which wouldn’t be possible after May 2023 if I didn’t have this ID made, as per stipulation of Missouri (or Federal?) law (which is silly, I should be able to fly with nearly *any* form of identification)). But speaking of that, I need to get a U.S. Passport made, too, just to *have* the thing, I suppose. I don’t have any international travel plans, but it is good to have a Passport I hear, so I will get one made.nnOther items that need to be checked off the “Big To-Do List”:nn- get a COVID booster after Xmas/before NYE at Schnucksn- get a new debit card created (which I did, waiting for it to arrive any day now)n- get a Revolut Card made (I have an account with them, just need the card to be made)n- drop $100 on my Linode(.com) account, so I don’t have a monthly expense going out to the VPSnnAll things that need to be done. Soon.

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