missing hype around podcasts

I don't listen to podcasts anymore. But in late-2014 and all throughout 2015, I was "hyped" about them. Not so much that I wanted to start one, but enough to pay for a PocketCasts subscription, and to stay up-to-date with a handful of "casts" from about 20 different individuals/outlets.

The Completely Unnecessary Podcast (Pat + Ian) on retro games/game industry/internet culture

The Peter Schiff Show who talked about gold and silver, and I liked his harsh sarcasm

The Vergecast - I had been listening (watching) this one since late-2011, but the interest faded from the Vergecast, as well as everything on The Verge, when their new EiC took over, and the original Vergecast lineup disbanded. Up until then, it was probably the coolest broadcast I heard anywhere ever

Longform Podcast, especially the episode with Edith Zimmerman, who was very honest during the interview - jarringly so. Terrific.

I also tried my hand at a couple Linux podcasts, which were usually single individuals making recordings about what they loved/didn't love about Linux. I had just started messing with Linux (Mint) in 2015, and I was so smitten and proud of myself when I was able to get into the BIOS settings on an old tower PC I got from my brother-in-law and dual-boot Linux Mint with Windows...10(?) on there. I pitched the tower when the power supply failed, but then (magically?) I ran into a neighbor who had the back of a pickup trucks full of junk computer parts, and just so happened to have the exact power supply I needed to replace it. So, I took it off his hands (he was preparing to haul all of it to a junkyard) and went back to my apartment, and on the bare carpet (dumb to do when messing with PC builds - should have done it in the kitchen) I removed nearly everything inside the tower and successfully installed the power supply, then reassembled everything, powered it on, and it worked! For several days, and then a loud spark/pop from the edge of the power supply cord right along where it went into the PC, itself, and then black smoke came billowing out from where it was pressed against the wall, and in pure foolishness, I yanked the non-smoking cord from the outlet, and was lucky I didn't electrocute myself to death, and that was the end of that PC.

Anyhow, podcasts. I continued with them until late-2015, and then just decided that they were mostly useless and not entertaining. I went back into random AM/FM radio broadcasts after that on my CCRane PCKT radio, and these days I listen to radio.garden here and there.

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