I tried to imagine, for a brief moment, trying to describe the "lAtEsT CrAzE" of blockchain, etherum (not spelled right?), NFT's, etc. to someone who knew little to nothing about them. And trust me, the mental "conversation" I was having involved a lot more or explaining than there was (logical) understanding - which is usually the case when someone is describing a Ponzi Scheme.

But, what really interests me (from a distance), is how taken people are with the whole racket. I mean, NFT's are going to be mentioned 10+ years down the line, and people will have either bought one, or knew someone who bought one, or at least heard of NFT's. It's actually gotten into popular culture.

And there is where the interest comes in - we used to live with an incredible resource at our disposal - the Internet. And it is and may continue to be an incredible resource (for the few who still leverage it's utility for such) - but, what was "The Information Age", is now more of a disinformation age, where people will not even take proper medical action to prevent the sickness or even deaths of themselves and those around them, because they believe in conspiratorial hearsay, that is spread far and wide (and algorithmically rewarded, I might add) across social networks. People have become (or perhaps always were) incredibly guillible. And for those who try to escape the prism of misinformation without using legit critical thinking or/and logic, will simply find themselves in yet another "room" of conspiracy, hype, and falsehoods. It's like a bad trip on LSD - only it's perceived as reality by the vulnerable, and upheld by many other (vulnerable) people around them.

So where am I going with this?

I have zero(0) answers, or even suggestions, on how to make other people less impressionable (or guillible, or vulnerable) in a/the mixed up world which we all inhabit. But I can say that the less time one spends on crypto cons, get-rich-quick schemes, and other superfluous activities (that serve absolutely NO utility or benefit to humanity, by the way), when they could be otherwise spending their time on helping (or at least trying to contribute) to the hardships and challenges I, you, literally everyone, faces day-in/day-out - then, maybe things in the FUNGIBLE, ACTUAL, TANGIBLE world we all are a part of could get better.