I think my writing has kind of improved over the past several years. I hope it has, and I aimed for it *to* improve, and when I look back on old blog posts from 2018, I’d say that I have done this. And continue to do so. Everything was a mess of emotional (sometimes unhinged) rants and rambles from 2018. Stuff that I was distraught and sometimes furious about with the world, and social media, and myself and my relationship *with* social media and my place in the world. Sometimes the sentences were short blurbs, kind of like a collection of Tweets strung together, poorly constructed, and basically just bad writing.nnI am guessing that after I left social media in late-2019, and I realized that I didn’t have *too much* to “fear” in terms of being completely candid online (via my blog) that I started to derive a good amount of benefit from writing. I did a number of entries (and still do) that were kind of like removing the filter not just from thoughts-to-words, but the filter between psychological perceptions, to thoughts to words. My ideas, thoughts, and therefore my writing, became much more articulate, and things sort of “molded” together better.nnSo not just the “flow” of writing improved, but the *depth* of that flow. The difference between a fast moving stream, and a torrential river of words, ideas, perceptions, concepts, and feelings.nnBefore (starting in late-2014), it was just larger bodies of text that were kind of “commonplace” in terms of observances of the world, my opinion of them, and kind of like longform Tweeting.nnSo anyway, I’m just noticing (and appreciating) that things have gotten better in the past several years in regards to writing. It could be age, or experience, or environmental factors, or whatever, but I’m glad it happened.nnback soon

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