Or, “the writer’s desk”, as I will call it. Also, the web browsing desk, the lightweight web dev desk, the YouTube binging desk, etc. Basically, where I am every day that the sun is out and I can look out of the window and feel *joy* and not *dread* from bad weather. nnThe kitchen desk/island is better suited for night use. That is why I need a separate chair for in there. Or I should say, I need a different/better chair for in *here*, as the new desk should have a new chair, and because I am already used to the (torn-up, tattered, nasty) blue chair being in the kitchen. There are many chairs to choose from online, but the name of the game in January is getting the entertainment console (TV stand) for the living room. I’ve talked about that already, so I will not go into it here.nnAnd that means, no audio gear will be purchased in January (unfortunately). Something *always* seems to come up to where I cannot order whatever the hell it is that I want to order. I should just throw caution into the wind and order the HELM Bolt amp/DAC *first*, and then let the cards fall where they may with other expenses. Bills would still get paid (of course), but I need to readjust things to accommodate *some* form of audio gear in January or I will go fxxxing crazy, lol! There’s a lot of stuff I like out there, but the HELM Bolt always calls my name. Like it is the perfect little minimalist USB-C “add-on” to my head-fi system, that I can use with either IEM’s *OR* over-the-ear headphones, and also use it with the Mac *OR* my phone, and just be good to go, no matter what.nnSo, the intention is to throw caution into the wind a little bit in January, it seems. More on that later.nnBack soon.

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