Went ahead and did a 10 or so minute ice session on my leg. Which means I just put a bag of frozen vegetables on the back of the shin for 10 minutes while I lay in bed. After that, I stretched the shin muscle *back* (like I were stepping off during a jog) and that helped me walk normally to the kitchen, haha. I think the swelling will subside (significantly) in the days and weeks to come, but I *have* to continue to stay off of it. That means, perhaps no hikes this Winter, which *will* suck (as it is one of my favorite activities, hiking), but it is mandatory so I can be in good shape for perhaps the Spring. If I see significant improvements by mid-January, and the #stlwx isn’t ice friggin’ cold (usually single-digits in Missouri at that time), then I can try small walks, but not fully fledged hikes. nnThat’s all for now. Back later.

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