Making coffee once again this evening. Been “a day” for me today, indeed. Kind of ups and downs. Not sure what to make of it.nnBut for Now, coffee is what is on tap, and I will see in the morning with caffeine umping through my veins.nnLet’s talk budget, shall we?nnThe name of the game for April, is to get AT&T WiFi re-activated in my apartment. This will open up some possibilities in terms of what I can *do* while I am stuck at home (which isn’t always, but it tends to be the rule rather than the exception). It will allow me to utilize the Chromecast, which I will get some use out of before I 100% decide on whether or not I list the television on CL (which is still a likely possibility).nnOn top of the WiFi getting re-activated in my apartment, there may be some other financial loose ends I tie up in April. Not that I owe anybody, or any institution, or whatever the hell, but I have been meaning to transfer over all of my domains to DNSimple for quite some time now, and get away from the GoDaddy registrar. Everything about GD is trash, and DNSimple is a $60 per year service, and I think it is totally worth it.nnAnother thing that is possible in April; purchasing a Yubikey 5C Nano. I already have a Yubikey 5C, and it is nice, and lives safely on my keychain, but I want/need a 2FA method that stays *permanently* in the USB-C port on the MacBook. If I had that convenience, I would activate 2FA on more accounts, instead of not using that option due to the INconvenience of having to reach for my keychain every time I want to log into an online account with 2FA.nnSo, that’s where I stand with budgetary matters for next month.nnIn this moment, I sip hot coffee, and feel *very* much so like complaining about literally anything/everything – like, every single thing occurring in the world. But, I am definitely not going to do that. If I write bad/negative shit, and then it (the blog post) sort of haunts me for the remainder of the day, until I write something nicer, more positive. Which is a fairly distinct change from how I *used* to be when I was in the depths of Twitter addiction, and I would say sly, snarky, and sometimes flat-out mean things to other people. Mostly because I was impatient and overall fairly self-loathing towards myself in those days, and basically showed people an “ugly” side to me – even though that wasn’t an *actual* true representation of who I was, or who I am. I was just radically disgusted with how everything was on there (Twitter), and how everyone acted (or Tweeted) amongst one another, and it seemed to have made me a bad person for a while.nnSo, I don’t do that shit anymore.nnHere’s to positivity!nnAnd good coffeennback soon

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