I don't what time I went to bed, but I zonked right the fxxx out whenever I did go to bed. And now it is 2:30 AM, and I am up and making coffee, feeling fairly well-rested.

As I allow my coffee to cool, I try to think of things to write, but I m coming up more or less blank :/

I think the coffee (now cooled, four minutes later) is starting to kick in and I am starting to think of stuff to write about, haha.

I suppose the "name of the game" today, is to go over to Schnucks and get some groceries. But, it is going to be damn cold, and that could possibly mess my back up more, but it is a thing I must do, because I am very low on food in the apartment. But, it won't be single-digit temps, so I should be "safe". It's really the single-digits that put me at risk.

I'm feeling good now, though :) The coffee is good, bold. The cigs are....cigs (I'm actually ready to have a pipe, instead, in a little bit here). And tomorrow night (Monday night, at midnight) I will order the stuff I need to order. A bit of this money is going out the door to pay back the moms for the mattress that was ordered this month. As well as putting money down for a Geocaching.com membership. However, I am not going overboard on Geocaching gear, I don't think. I mean yes, a backpack must be bought (when I can afford the GOOD backpack that I WANT), but other than a backpack with standard dayhiking gear, I am not buying anything particularly special for geocaching besides a space pen and a "write in the rain" notebook. A compass could be handy, too (which must be bought anyway), so that will be bought, but definitely not in February.

Not weighing myself down.

back soon