Had a cup of coffee, was good, decided to have another. This time, a double scoop of Schnucks instant (so, mild espresso). And to go with it, some of the double-pressed Kentucky flake (out of the Rossi pipe, which works friggin’ great now, by the way!). On that subject, January *will* see a regular tobacco purchase (shipped via FedEx or UPS – NOT USPS, because that took *forever*), but I don’t think any specialty tobaccos will be purchased, and also no pipe purchase will be made, I don’t think. Perhaps in February I will opt for a Savinelli 673 from The Pipe Nook, as that is *the* place to get a “Friday Savinelli” (though I will utilize the pipe on days other than Friday, I’m pretty sure). And waiting until February is no problem, as I have two *good* pipes to work with (and a busted to hell acorn cob, which might end up getting pitched soon, in favor of a MM “Cobbit” cob, instead – cobs never last). But there *are* a few different pipes I like, and it is very hard to describe (especially to a non-pipe smoker) just how the chemistry of what makes a “good” pipe “good” (and therefore desirable to purchase) and what doesn’t – it’s like describing the chemistry of the laws of attraction: who knows what makes up what? Haha. I know one thing, piping (smoking a pipe) is night and day different than smoking cigarettes, and though I DO have cigs every so often, I’m MUCH more interested in having a pipe when I want any type of tobacco.nnAnyway, I could go on and on about pipes right now, because this DP Kentucky is just *soo* divine (the coffee (which is now finished) was delish, too). Not a bad way to start the day, I think. And there is little hope of me going back to bed after five hours sleep, anyway, so…nn**knowing limits**nn(This, incidentally is not related to pipe smoking (even though I DO know my limits there, as well))nnI mean limits with writing. Writing out these particular journal entries, to be specific. Sometimes, I will write 500 or 1,000 words, and think “man, I could keep going!”, but then I would (possibly) get into the habit of *always* doing that, and also I would feel bad if I DIDN’T do that each and every single time I hammered out a blog post. I feel guilty enough (for whatever odd reason) when I write out 250 words, and it isn’t 500+ words, because I *know* I could do more, but when it comes to a journal, it is more about just “what I feel like” instead of meeting some arbitrary quota. But at the same time, when a lot has to be said, I will go ahead and say it – word count be damned. And if the post is *really* short (say, under 150 words), I just delete it and go do something else, because no one needs a blog form “status update” (at least not from me, lol!).nnAnd really, my numbers are off a bit, because I was thinking *this* post was already (at least) 1,000+ words, but it is only ~500, so, I suppose I write out 1,000 on the rare occasion and generally stay around the 500-700 word mark? IDK. It doesn’t *actually* matter, just taking notice.nnI’ll wrap this up though, and finish the pipe (slowly). And yes, the pipe is *still* going even though I sparked it before starting this entry. It’s a slow burning leaf, and very enjoyable :)nnBack later

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