Making coffee, have the heat cranked but just now turned it OFF because it doesn’t have to be 73F in here when it is 42 outside (with the sliding glass door shut). It was warm yesterday, and a high of 71 later today, too. nnToday is also my last day of being 37 years old (how eventful! LOL!). Tomorrow I turn 38. Me and the Moms will go to Crusoe’s Restaurant on the corner here and I will get a cheese ‘za (as they have the *best* cheese pizza in South County).nnThe coffee is deliciousnnJust packed a bowl of Presbyterian Mixture, which is only my third or fourth bowl of the stuff this season, so, with any luck I can make this tin last until after Xmas (and during Xmas, and before Xmas, haha).nnThe H&H (Hearth & Home) Louisiana Red Bulk VA/Per blend is working out nicely. An everyday smoke, for me. Good amount of Perique and the Red Virginia’s are *much* tastier than the D&R yellow/bright/golden Virginia’s of the Windsail blend, for sure.nnBut the Presbyterian Mixture – a classic. They changed the recipe, I am pretty sure, because there used to be Orientals or/and Turkish in it, but not anymore. nnAlso, I made a *weird* blend from the rest of the Maduro cigar leaf + Paladin Black Cherry + Presbyterian Mixture (just a little of the PM), that ended up turning into a “black cherry cocoa” smelling blend. The tin note is definitely that of black cherry and cocoa, but I have not smoked it, yet, but I hope it turned out good. It has been marinating for a week, so, we’ll see.nnOK, back to the coffee and PM. Be back in a bit!

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